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Antifreeze Recycling Process

The most efficient and reliable process available worldwide to recover used antifreeze.
  • no glycol distillation
  • almost no waste
  • absolute minimum of energy consumption
  • highest product quality. The recovered antifreeze meets all Specs
  • continuous running 24/7

Brake Fluid Recycling Process

The only recycling process worldwide capable of producing highest quality DOT 4 from used brake fluid. The recovered Brake Fluid meets the stringent specifications of the automotive industry.
  • DOT 4 Standard with a -40 °C viscosity 1000 mm2/s
  • DOT 4 Brake Fluid Base
  • DOT 3 Brake Fluid Base

Iodine Production from Brine

A membrane transfer process based on the solubility of iodine in specific membranes. The iodine passes the membrane and is then absorbed in the transmembrane solution, from which it can easily be recovered in high yields and excellent quality without further treatment.

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